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Baking Vs. Buying a cake for your kid's birthday party

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hosting the perfect birthday party for your kid is an important goal that you cannot risk to fail. The cake is a huge factor in determining the success of your party.

You basically have two options. You can either bake the cake yourself or get one made by a professional baker. Back in the day, I loved baking a cake for my birthday with my mom. I could decorate it however I liked. But, in those days, buying a cake from the market also meant that I had to settle for a plain, round cake. These days, the options are endless.

All in all, for you this decision depends on the time factor and your expertise.

Buying a cake

The easiest option is to buy a cake. You can look into supermarkets or bakeries. The prices will vary from place to place and of course, will also depend on your choice of cake, specifications, size, etc. The only hassle you’ll have to go through to buy a cake is the research on prices, flavors and ingredients . Carry out a thorough comparison. Look at reviews so that you know you can trust the bakery or supermarket. Don’t forget to take your kid’s opinion on what he or she would prefer. Once you finalize a design, place an order. Most places require orders to be placed 2 to 3 days prior to the event (some places require longer time). You must also clarify the delivery details. Some bakers may drop the cake off at your place. Others will have you pick it up.

  • This option is easy

  • It requires minimal input

  • You have a lot of price options to choose from

  • Success is always guaranteed

  • The kid can decide the cake knowing what the final outcome will be like

  • Your specification will be taken care of

Decorating a cake

If you don’t have the budget to order a special cake or want to be more creative about it but also don’t have time to bake it yourself, you can opt for this option. Buy a plain cake from a supermarket. This should be big enough for all your guests. Next, buy some decorations and beautify the cake yourself. Since you’re not doing everything from scratch, there will be lesser mess. Your kid will get the opportunity to enjoy decorating. If you want, you can buy multiple cakes in different sizes to make a multi-tier cake. You and your child will get the chance to have some fun and make some memories without having to go through a lot of work. The restrictions here are that plain cakes don’t come in many shapes. You’ll probably have to settle for a plain old circle or rectangle.

  • Lesser mess

  • Your kid gets to be creative

  • Restricted shape and flavor options

  • You’ll have to purchase decorations and toppings

Baking a cake

This option is definitely the most fun but also the most time-consuming. If you’re doing everything on your own for the party, I won’t recommend you to bake a cake yourself. However, if you do have a lot of time and your kid is also a baking enthusiast, go for it!

You must be able to tackle all the requirements such as if the guests are vegan, you’ll have to make a dairy-free and egg-free cake. You may also have to accommodate gluten intolerant guests. If you have never made a gluten or dairy free cake before, the best thing is to not experiment on your kid's big day. But, if you’re confident, you can go ahead and start gathering the supplies. You’ll need a long list of ingredients for the cake, the decorations, and also the toppers.

The cake should also be big enough for all the guests. Don’t make the cake in advance or else, it’ll go bad by the time of the party.

Baking a cake yourself comes down to this:

  • It’s usually less expensive than getting a ready-made cake

  • A lot of time is needed

  • You need to research ideas that go with your party's theme

  • You must take care of allergies and specific food requirements

  • Your kid will have a fun time getting creative

  • It could become a yearly tradition

The bottom line is that the final decision depends all on your personal preference. Calculate the price differences in each option. Also, decide your time range. Make the decision accordingly.

Baking a cake will be a memory for a lifetime but purchasing a cake will save you all the hassle.

Decide which one you’d prefer more!

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